At Freedom Of Movement we pride ourselves in using only the highest quality leather. The leather used will age beautifully over time and tell stories of a life well lived and special memories made. Leather is in essence a very durable material, and requires a limited amount of TLC. We do however recommend the application of our FOM Leatherfood stick from time to time. See below for details.


Product Description:
Made from only the best 100% natural and certified organic ingredients.
Why Leather Food ?
Certified organic ingredients – Coconut Oil and Olive Oil. – To naturally feed, moisturise, condition and restore leather.
100% Natural Beeswax – Beeswax has natural waterproofing properties and will reduce the effect of stubborn stains and spills.
Lightly stroke stick over leather and massage into product with your fingers. Start by using less and add more as needed.


Leather Cleaning Instructions:
For spots and spills: Blot (do not rub) excess liquid immediately with a clean dry cloth if possible. Allow area to dry – This may take a while. Most liquids will be absorbed by the leather and stains should disappear or fade over time. If the stains are more severe, refer to the instructions below.

For stubborn stains: Use a clean absorbant cloth/sponge and apply a small amount of any non-acidic soap with water. NB – Do not rub in circles. Wipe again using a clean damp cloth to remove excess soap (not in circles). Allow area to dry. Once dry it is important to apply our FOM Leatherfood stick to feed the leather as the soap will remove some of the natural leather oils.

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